"Fill in the bubble" Custom Brain Buzz Fly Bonnet

"Fill in the bubble" Custom Brain Buzz Fly Bonnet
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"Fill in the bubble" Custom Brain Buzz Fly Bonnet
PLEASE NOTE the $20 price INCLUDES shipping via First Class Mail. There are no additional shipping costs on the fly bonnets.

We bet no one knows what’s in your horse’s head better than you. Tell us what you’d like printed inside a thought bubble, and we’ll create a fly bonnet made just for your equine friend. Please keep length within 35 characters, including the spaces between words. You can choose from a number of fabric options for the bonnet’s center and ears. Click on the drop down menu to see the options. For a better look at the fabric combinations, you can also check out our other printed bonnets in this “Brain Buzz” section of the storefront. Put on your (horse’s) thinking cap, and dream up the perfect, useful accessory for your next trail ride.

Let us know the custom message you want by typing it in the message box area at checkout. You can also email your order number and your custom message to pwages@neighsayers.net.

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